Bangkok Seminar: October 2015

November 10, 2017

The first annual Serak seminar in Thailand was held over the weekend at the Boxer Rebellion Bangkok Boxing Center in Bangkok. Our thanks go out to Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguez for bearing 100% humidity and a tropical storm to share some of his vast knowledge and skill with us. Also special thanks go to Mas Andreas Kaaber for helping to construct and transport our not-so-portable Pantjar and for always being on hand to help make things run well. Thanks also to Leigh Harris for providing the venue and participating in the seminar. Thanks also to Kulwarat Bing Kempo Teeraprasert, Sakan Lam and Mark Stew Ryu for helping promote the event among their networks. Finally, many thanks for everyone who came to seminar and trained with us.

First Annual Serak Seminar in Thailand - October 2015 - Bangkok