Protect what you love

Defend and preserve your personal integrity, your family, friends, community and property. Earn honor and respect as a champion servant of the common good.

Think strategically

Life is a war; if it is not a war, it is a defeat, and accepting defeat is not a strategy. Apply battle-proven problem-solving strategies to everything you do.

Live well in every way

Pencak Silat, the warrior art of living well, trains you to meet every encounter in life with knowledge, strength, honor, integrity, and practical wisdom.

Work with what you have

Adapt your tactics to the resources you have at hand. If you only have use of one arm, then select techniques that give your good arm the most advantage in battle.

Work with what comes

Meet whatever comes to you and respond with courage, determination and clear intent. Change what is in your power to change and adapt to everything else

Have a playful attitude

Play is a peaceful activity that prepares us for battle. Although our training is for a very serious purpose the attitude of joy & play in training should always be there.

Student Testimonials

We encourage and cultivate a close family atmosphere where a spirit of brotherhood is highly valued. Read what some of our students have to say about their training experience with us.

Upcoming Events, Camps & Seminars

Our next upcoming event is a Serak Camp with Maha Guru Horacio Rodriguqez in October 2018

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on November 11, 2017

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